Close lights and shutters with a touch; intuitive app to set up the pergola and awnings for a relaxing afternoon; choose the perfect lighting for a dinner on the terrace. All this and much more is possible thanks to our smart automation solutions, Teleco wireless controls are designed to manage individual devices or complex systems according to your needs.

Soluzioni per pergola a lame
Soluzioni per il controllo pergole con lame

Pergolas with slats

If you add the technology of Teleco solutions to the design of bioclimatic pergolas, the result is an environment capable of providing comfort and wellness as the climatic conditions change.
Soluzioni integrate di automazione domestica e commerciale
Soluzioni per il controllo di pergole con tessuto

Pergolas with fabric

For an even more versatile pergola with fabric, Teleco automation systems can control, through a single remote control, the motors, lights and much more.
Soluzioni Teleco per verande su misura e comfort efficiente
Soluzioni per il controllo di verande


Adding one more room has never been so easy thanks to the controlled efficiency and safe comfort of Teleco solutions. Verandas conceived and designed to fit specific needs.
Soluzioni Teleco per tende motorizzate e controllo della luce
soluzioni per il controllo di tende


A motor-controlled awning can improve the living comfort of outdoor environments but also indoors, as it regulates the amount of light Discover the best Teleco solutions for automating and controlling awnings.


Thanks to the motion sensor, is possible to unload luggage and shopping in total comfort and safety, the pergola lights will turn on automatically at presence detection.
Soluzioni Teleco per ombrelloni confortevoli
Soluzioni per il controllo di ombrellone


Even an apparently simple object such as the sunshade can create an attractive and highly pleasant area. Find out how to do this with Teleco wireless solutions.
Soluzioni di automazione per piscine con benessere e sicurezza
Soluzioni per il controllo di piscina


Thanks to Teleco automation systems, the swimming pool becomes a place of well-being and safety like never before.
Soluzioni per portoni avvolgibili e sicurezza casa
Soluzioni per il controllo di portoni


Teleco solutions allow the control and automation of roller shutter doors and accesses, even remotely, for greater home security.
Soluzioni per cancelli automatizzati e controllo remoto
soluzioni per il controllo di cancelli


Fully automated sliding or swing gates, with Teleco solutions that allow total control, even remotely.


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